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Rowan Tree Therapeutics

Rowan Tree Therapeutics was established in early 2016 to provide an alternative solution to Health and Wellness. We have spent the last five years developing our Products with a Holistic approach to healing and relaxation in general. Rowan Tree Therapeutics has expanded its Product Range to encompass the Vision of affordable access to alternative Medicinal Healing, Natural Remedies, CBD Based Products in addition to Cosmetics. Our Cosmetics range from Bath Soaps, Body Lotions right through to Beard Oils and Shampoos. Rowan Tree Therapeutics wants all our Clients to explore the extraordinary potential that all our Products offer in aiding them to live their best lives possible hence our slogan ‘Made with Love’.

Lab Tested

Our CBD has been tested in a professional lab setting to ensure the highest quality so we can make the right decisions regarding dosages and ensure overall safety and effectiveness of our products.


We have a deep connection with nature and as part of that falls animals. Our beauty products are never tested on animals of any kind and are completely cruelty free.

GMO Free​

The raw materials used to create our range are GMO-Free, meaning you can feel confident that each product is filled with natural ingredients that are grown the way Mother Earth intended.

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